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First off, let me say I do not now nor have I ever owned a Glock. I've handled a few, shot a G17, and just never got excited about them. Are they fine handguns? Yes, without a doubt. Millions of users swear by them for their reliability, dependability and quality. Just didn't feel right in my big hand. And that's an objective assessment, not a bash.

I do, however, have experience with the Rugers. My first 9mm was a Ruger P95. It is big, some say clunky, built like a tank, soft shooting and utterly failure free. The DA pull was long and imprecise, SA had a fair amount of take up but it broke pretty cleanly. Despite this accuracy was pretty good. It was a very nice HD and range gun and a relative bargain for its price.

I sold it, however, and purchased another Ruger, the SR9c. I really do like this pistol a lot. Just as utterly reliable, feels much better in my hand - which truly surprised me! - and it has a superb trigger. Accuracy at 7 yds and 15 yds is better than the P95, (for me, a combination of balance and the consistent trigger due to the striker design) and it is surprisingly soft shooting for a compact pistol. It is easy to handle with the short 10-round mag and even more nicely balanced with the full sized mag and extension. For me, it's a wonderful and flexible combination for HD, range and CC. I couldn't be more pleased or impressed with its performance and value.

As much as I like the SR9c, it doesn't have the soul of my old S&W Model 10-5. Maybe in 40 years it will!
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