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Own a couple of Stevens 200s, two Marlin X rifles, one Howa and one Axis in various cartridges. All shoot decently for accuracy. Of mine, I prefer the Marlins and the Howa. One of my Marlins is the 308 varmit heavy barrel model. Good accuracy with it and the 25-06 Marlin does well too. Like their adjustable triggers, something an Axis or Stevens lacks and you'll probably dislike their heavy trigger pull. Howa is good and this company makes the weatherby Vanguard rifles, little difference between the two brands, but should find the Howa at a lower price.

I've no personal experience with the Ruger American rifles other than handleing a few of them at gun stores. Would have bought one of them, but didn't want/need a cartridge they're available in. The American is getting some positive comments on gunsites about them.

Another inexpensive rifle not mentioned yet, is a Mossberg. Few I've seen at range I'm a member, their owners were happy with the rifle. All shot well when it came to accuracy. Gent I shoot with on a regular basis had one at range for a few weekends trying various hunting reloads in it. Rifle belonged to his son and he was breaking in the rifle and etc. This gent owns some very nice rifles, last 2 were Remington Custom shop rifles and has another on order by a custom builder out of Colorado. Anyway, this gent was favorably enough impressed with his son's Mossberg, to tell me he just might buy one himself. Only problem with Mossberg thats kept me from buying one, is method barrel is installed that makes it difficult to have rebarreled.
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