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Dennis, do you feel the Apex trigger kit would solve those issues you had?
No clue, as I have no experience with the Apex trigger kit.

I've actually gotten better with the pistol, and it's growing on me. It certainly doesn't have the panache of a nice revolver or a personalized 1911, but it is a work-a-day tool that is reliable and rugged. Which, in the final analysis, is what it is supposed to be.

I have no real complaints about the pistol, except that it was thrust upon me without any input. The deputies who liked Glocks were bummed when the Sheriff didn't pick Glock as the departmental sidearm, so they weren't thrilled with the choice either. The griping about the Smith was more personal preference and political than having anything to do with the pistol. Everybody has an opinion, and sometimes the Sheriff's opinion is the only one that counts. He could just as easily have picked Beretta (for example), and everyone would have complained.

I really like the removable/adjustable backstrap. If you shoot an M&P for a box of ammo or so withe each of the backstraps, you'll come to prefer one over the others, and it lets a department fit a wide range of hands. As it turns out, I use the medium.

It is different from shooting a 1911, which is probably the biggest complaint I had about it. The trigger takes some "learning". But, there are guys in our local pistol club who shoot plastic pistols and they seem to like the M&P. Some of them shoot very good scores with it.
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