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Longest lived revolver.
That depends on what and how you’re going to shoot.
Shooting standard pressure 38 sp in an S&W mid frame (19) or N frame (27) you’re not going to wear it out.
That’s the same for Rugers. Shooting 357’s in the same guns will shorten the life span of a gun. But the amount that it shortens the span is meaningless. A steady diet of light weight (125 GR) magnums will have more of an effect.
Your statement on Colt Detective specials, the only thing I would be concerned about is used guns that have been abused and a good gunsmith can answer that.
Charter arms, the newer manufactured guns are well built and make a good carry gun but not one I would consider range guns capable massive number of rounds. I own two and have nothing but good things to say.
Taurus, well my only comment to that is select the “search” at the top of the TFL page and type in “Taurus” and look at the comments both positive and negative. Many Taurus’s (not all) should have a round trip ticket to the manufacture for repair issues.
Which revolvers would keep shooting longer without gunsmith's help?
That totally depends on the gun. I have a friend with a Hi point that has been shooting for several years and has several thousand rounds with never a failure. Another has a Ruger that had minor but frustrating problems that Ruger fixed the first time.
Which would I have? I would take the Ruger over 10 Hi points.
But that’s just my opinion.
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