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I disagree with the one recent post. Some of these "active shooters" may not have formal skill training or be ex-military/LE but their mental state & skill with video games(first person shooter) may aid their marksmanship.
As I posted in the past(before the awful Sandy Hook school shooting), there was a young boy who shot 15 of his 17 victims in the head. He later told investigators he never fired a real weapon but played a lot of video games.
Yep, and unskilled shooter was able to make a lot of effective head shots. Some folks argue against head shots based on their skill and training, and yet head shots are often quite effective. There is, however, a time and place for taking such shots and the bad guy has the luxury of hitting bystanders that a good guy does not have (ala New York cops).

I find it interesting that "we" (various gun folks) cast dispersions on bad guy skills by noting how the bad guys may be untrained, indicating that somehow bad guys are less effective or not able to handle conflict, but yet many of us think that putting guns into the hands of teachers or other CCW folks is an effective defense against active shooters when said teachers and MOST ccw folks probably have less gun time than do the bad guys. Yes, some of us are well trained, are LEO or military trained, attend numerous gun schools, teach shooting, and/or own our own gun ranges, but as far as CCW folks go, we are a completely different group of people in terms of training and skills, worlds apart.

10). Last, consider that there may be a reason why God (or fate if you wish) put you, armed and trained, at that very spot and place in time, with the ability to save innocents. This is the life-giving sword (or gun in this context) that some ancient warriors discussed in their writings.
In one is to invoke divine reasoning or preordination for placing you at a shooting, then you must consider that you may not be there for the purpose of saving innocents, but because God or fate wants you dead, or put more kindly, that it is your time to be called home. You may be the lamb, not the lion, even if you are a lamb armed to the teeth.
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