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My concern for my two personal 9mm Glocks the wife and I own, is should I run the Winchester "Super Unleaded" 147 grain ammo I found through them? What in comparison to this would be called +P or +P+???
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "Super Unleaded", but I'll assume you're talking about Ranger T-series, catalog #RA9T, or the superseded but very similar Ranger SXT, #RA9SXT.

These loads are standard-pressure and NOT +P or +P+. IMHO they are excellent ammo with performance that gives up little to most mainstream +P loads. They are arguably a top choice for people who dislike the sharp recoil and pronounced muzzle flash of most +P loadings; since they use heavier bullets at lower velocities, they have more "pushy" and less "snappy" recoil characteristics than most other 9mm SD ammo.

The heavier bullets make them slightly harder on the gun than lighter-bullet loads, but your Glock won't even notice.
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