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Use whatever suits your needs as you see them. Decisions don't require a Anatomy, Kniseology, or Mechanical Engerning background to justify a choice.

Maybe I didn't understand the original post.?
Was looking for any unanticipated, subtle reasons for using the butt forward that I may have been unaware of. And the post worked, got at least one reason I had not thought of. All of us, no matter how big the ego, can learn something that can result in better decisions and will add to one's personal data base of knowledge on a subject. If one does not investigate the reasons for something, one would not logically know what would suit one's needs.
In my personal situation, I have been making leather holsters to sell on Ebay as a hobby for when I am recovering from heart surgery. When I offer them for sale, I want to be able to state logical reasons for the design (including cant or lack of it). With the information gleaned from such posts as appear here, I can appeal to the more discriminating potential customer. For instance, I may say something like: "This holster due to its forward cant, will balance a 1911 with a full magazine better than the vertical position, avoiding the top heavy feel. With the holster canted, the weight is distributed on its vertically axis, and will balance on your hip better."
Despite having used handguns since the middle sixties, I do not have a lot of experience, that I can draw on, because I only use pocket carry for concealed with a .38 snubbie. Which tells me nothing about larger guns, belt carry, carrying a 1911, etc. My only belt carry was related to carrying out to my range, or in my woods, or hunting. Nowadays there are so many people carrying differently, I can learn from their experiences relative to gun would be pointless to make holsters that did not relate to a potential customer's needs.

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