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Longest-Lived Revolvers

Which are the longet-lived revolvers? I don't necessarily mean "big" or "heavy" - within any given size, which revolvers would keep shooting longer without gunsmith's help? That would be a strong design produced well.

I'd like to have a Colt Detective Special, for instance, but from what I just learned on TFL, I'll have to be careful with timing issues. That's not a big deal to me, since I don't shoot as much as I used to, but it did set me to wondering which revolvers might last longest while actually shooting with them. My sense is that Ruger revolvers are pretty long-lived. (They'd better be. If I can't get fire control parts, any glitch would have to go back to the factory - a big inconvenience.)

So, which are the longest-lasting small-frame revolvers? Mid-frame? Large-frame? This isn't about just Smith and Ruger, though - maybe Charter or Taurus has hidden strengths, as long as I might plan to put thousands of rounds through it.

Which ones are lifetime shooters?
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