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Buy more SKS's

The AR15's are great guns I'm sure and look cool,but I have not gotten to them mostly because of price. I have however gotten into SKS's big time. My friend back in the late 80's urged me to check them out and get some when they were plentiful @ $80 a piece at gun stores. I did not listen
Now in the last two years I have six! I can't seem to stop buying them. They're all set up different, two are paratroopers, one Yugoslav sniper set up, & other various norinco's. two are stock & other four are flat out bad ass!! I had a seventh but traded for Nice moded AK47 under folder. Also have a AMD65 side folder. I've stuck with the 7.62x.39 and stocked up several thousand. I have a hard time bringing myself to sell them or any gun for that matter. I don't need anymore hard to find caliber's to try and find expensive ammo. I SAY BUY MORE SKS & AMMO!!
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