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I have always wanted to go on a hog hunt, but being from CT i'm a little limited.
South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Swine are not considered game animals and can be hunted year 'round. In these states you need an out-of-state hunting license to hunt them if you are not a resident. Also, these three states have cartridge restrictions if you hunt on WMA land during certain times in the year. Other times, there are no restrictions. You would need to see the regulations. In Florida and Georgia, there are huge tracts of National Forest land where you can hunt without cartridge restrictions all year.

There is also private land that you can either pay to hunt or hunt for free. For the free hunts on private land, you have to know somebody or do some legwork. The pay hunts are not all that expensive.

I have had good luck hunting hogs in the Georgia WMA known as Oakey Woods. Someone released some real Russian boar in that area back in the '30s, and they have interbred with feral swine. They can be particularly nasty when wounded, so you need to take enough gun.
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