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William, as you know you can headspace without gauges. All my mags are done that way and I've had AI done that way and I'm sure Nosler may of not wanted the liability on a wildcat rd. The armchair quarterbacks didn't help either and they set the PSI for the AI. How many time have you heard equal pressure for the AI and it's a given you build an AI this is how you do it.

I've said this for years you build an AI it should be consider new case and not be tied to the pressure of the parent case. If you look at Hodgdon data for the 280AI they run it over spec pressure.

What would happen if Nosler did make that brass and something happen with one of those older chambers who's got the deepest pockets.

The did the same with the 6mm PPC (Palmisano & Pindel Cartridge), or 6 PPC which was what Sako and Ruger chambered their in rifle it's better know as the 6ppc USA chamber and here is clip on it.

Both SAKO and Norma make factory-formed 6PPC cases, but these are not commonly used. The Sako 6PPC USA is slightly larger, and will not fit in most current match chambers.
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