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No shame in either. I believe myself to be one of those who will stand and fight. If I have a gun I'll fight with the gun... if I have a knife that will have to do. The one thing I am equipped with is my belief that I will prevail... against any odds. I never enter a confrontation with a defeatist attitude. I dont believe I can win... I KNOW I CAN WIN!
Excellent point!! This is what it really comes down to doesn't? Make the choice before hand, prepare the mind and body, because when the shots are being fired, particularly in your direction, all you will have is what you have programmed into that section of the brain that completely takes over when your life is on the line (the mid-brain). Having served many years as an LEO, with several hundreds of hours of SWAT/Tactical training, including active shooter drills, I believe I am thoroughly programmed to run towards the active shooter and I have already made that decision in my mind.

One thing about the friendly fire issue. I do see some concerns with it but when the monster is destroying innocent lives, I think it is just one of those justifiable risks that you have to take. Interestingly enough, there have been very few situations involving active shooters where there was an armed individual in the immediate vicinity and even fewer times when a uniformed officer was right there on scene. I suggest that it is highly likely that the majority of the killing will be over before the first uniform arrives.
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