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Answer to first question; in 12 gauge you're not going to save much, if at all. 12 is the most common gauge and shells can be bought for roughly 10% over the reloading cost.
When you factor the cost of components (primers @ 35.00 per thousand, shot at 45.00 per 25# and then wads @ 8.00 per bag of 250) and lets not forget the loader itself (250.00 to 400.00) the savings just aren't there.
With all of that said, when loading the smaller gauges (.410 and 28) The savings are definately worth the set up cost. Quality .410 and 28 will set you back a cool 12.00 per 25
I almost forgot to answer the original question; shot shells are pretty much follow this procedure; Size and deprime at station 1, reprime and drop powder at station 2, seat a wad and drop shot at station 3, start the crimp at station 4, complete the crimp at station 5 and then taper the shell (for easier feeding) at station 6.
SO..... A Mec loader takes 6 pulls of the handle to produce a finished shell. My RCBS Pro 2000 only takes 4 pulls to produce a completed round of centerfire ammo. Judge for yourself....

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