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mini 14

MINI-14/model# 5801 5.56 NATO ,i can speak to this model,you can run 500 rounds through this gun with little trouble ,and any jam is easy to clear. much easier to clear then an AR,and it will not bite you.
i do not thank an AR will run 500 rounds back to back with no problem if it is not wet, not so with the mini.
i would stick with factory mags though almost all of the jams i have had are with after market mags.
IMHO (and it is my HO) the new minis are as accurate and much easier to maintain then an AR i thank a lot of the problem with the mini 14 is the AR just looks cooler AND THE OLDER MODEL MINIS HAD REAL ACCURACY PROBLEMS but i thank the new mini will out run an AR day in and day out,with a lot less maintenance.
look before all the AR guys jump on this old man,let me say as a 64 yr old Vietnam vet the AR IS A FINE PLATFORM ,but just like a good looking woman it is high maintenance .
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