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With the hottest 158 lead SWCHP 38SPL+p I can find.
If you are going to do a .38 or .357mag this time of year, this is the way to go. Back in the "old days" this was the best choice. Before the newer short barrel ammo hit the market, .38spl and .38+P hollow point expansion was questionable at best with the lost velocity out of a short barrel. This time of year, you again have the possibility of unreliable hollow point expansion, so the solutions of yesteryear seem smart. Lead HP's don't have a copper jacket, so they may expand a little more easily than other designs. The SWCHP additionally has a sharp shoulder (instead of rounded like a JHP/FMJ), so should the hollow point fail to expand the sharp shoulder will do more tissue damage and increase the chances of stopping your attacker. Good choice!

Screw it.... I got two of them! I picked up a Ruger SP101 .357 SS w/bobbed hammer and a XD-s in bitone!

Haven't shot em yet, but love what I got.
Well, two is definitely better than one

A small carry auto and a snub covers about 99% of carry situations you may face. The XDs can even be pocketed when needed. Maybe, 1-5% of the time you may need something smaller and lighter (ultralight snub, small .380 auto) for "extreme" pocket carry situations.
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