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Exactly. If there's a no transfer or sale provision, then the value becomes both immeasurable and $0 all at once.

Here's a rhetorical question: if transfer becomes illegal, then what happens after someone passes away?
- Martowski

I have wondered this as well. My guess is that the surviving family or executor of the estate will be required to turn them over to the local law enforcement agency for disposal.
- Skadoosh

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What the two above persons mention could possibly take place. I am sure the anti-2ndA people are strongly considering the possibilities of it (remember - those people see themselves as the newly evolved twenty-first century Americans and the Constitution as a Living Document. They consider our clinging (the very word used by our elected president) to the literal phrasing (as opposed to meaning) of that amendment as a barbarity on our part).
The item mentioned by Martowski and expanded on by Skadoosh would be a violation of RKBA and we need to treat it as such.
As I mentioned on another board, I am a Democrat who is as strong a proponent of the Second Amendment as any right leaning Republican.
We cannot let the above scenario happen. Many of you know that.

Xfire68, I hope you are right on this one.

- JKHolman

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