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We "glorify" our troops, they are nearly worshiped....they get a special prayer every Sunday in the Mass I attend. Then, we say we must prepare against them. Most people will not get that, it's a seriously mixed message that has not been clarified to most people. I know, it's those strong, central U.S. government leaders that are the problem. Well, those leaders will need troops, the troops we "support", Little Billy from down the street that's all grown up now and in the Army. "I have to worry about orders given to little Billy by a tyrannical, strong, central U.S. government?"

I get it, but this ain't just about me, it's about Jack and Jill suburbanite watching lines of child caskets on every news channel. The reason for 2A ain't gonna register with the the majority of these folks, as they're too busy collecting hand sanitizer and beef jerky to send to the those troops they're supposed to be arming against.
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