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Went to the range one day....

Had to drive nearly an hour to get to the range, which was actually not a range just a permission to shoot in someone's field.

I have a table that I take along since there is no bench. Had to cut one of the legs because the ground was not level.

Day was a little windy so I got almost as much powder on the table and on the ground as I got in the chambers.

Took along a Colt Navy steel frame .44. The revolver swallowed a cap fragment and quit shooting. I didn't take along a good screwdriver to take it apart so it had to wait until I got home.

Went to my back-up (for the day) revolver which was an 1858 Remington in .44. Remingtons are so user friendly I had to stop shooting for about twenty minutes to ponder my reason for wanting to own Colts. The sight of the lame Colt with the cap fragment in the works was not much help. Finally decided that I like them and that is reason enough.

Ran out of my home recipe lube and found a half used tube of Thompson's Bore Butter in my shooting box. I reluctantly used it and was reminded why I hate it so much. The odor of the Bore Butter attracted the attention of the local EPA wheeny. Had to fend off the EPA communist who wanted to charge me with poluting the atmosphere. Only thing that saved me was that I convinced the constable that the awful smell of the bore butter was more than offset by the smell of burned black powder.

Its fortunate he did not see the burned area in the field in front of my shooting table. He'd have brought in the fire marshall.

Finally burned off about seventy rounds.

Had to stop shooting early because a wide round cut the PVC pipe on the side of my target stand which immediately slumped to its final reward. "Happy Trails, old friend!" How do you field dress a target stand? Ever try target stand jerky?

Got black soot on my face and hands. My wife asked if I was trying to join her race. (She is African American)

Got Bore Butter all over the steering wheel of my truck

Looking at about an hour of cleaning and baking the two revolvers and that is only after I get the cap out of the Colt. (20 minutes of that time is spent convincing the wife it is a good idea to wash revolvers in the kitchen sink and then baking them in the oven. I told her that if I baked the target stand, it would create a terrible stink in the kitchen.)

After reading this it should be crystal clear why I love this so much.

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. Thomas Jefferson

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