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I have shot the 22 Hornet and reloaded ammo for a number of years. The hornet case is a thin walled long tapered rimed case that I have growen to dislike . To some what make it into a moderen case, some have it rechambered for the K Hornet round which then has a bit more powder capacity. Lil Gun powder produces the highest bullet velocity .It is the smallest powder case capacity of the 22 caliber centerfire cartridges. I used the 22 Hornet rifle for shooting prairie dogs but would limit my shots at coyotes to 150 -175 yards. Since getting the modered rimless 221 Fireball cartridge rifle my old Hornet stays at home. But I like the new 17 Hornet ballistics of the 20 grain V-Max bullet and the case is of thicker brass and looks some what like the K Hornet brass. Per the data in Hornadys cataloge the the 35 Gr bullet fired from the 22 Hornet has 193 ft/lb of energy at 200 yards while the 20 Gr bullet fired from 17 Hornet has 294 ft/lb of energy at 200 yards. When sited is at the same distance the 17 Hornet has less bullet drop.
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