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I've sold (in order) a
Walther P22- Cheap fun, useless though
Rem 7600 308- Not what I thought it would be
Taurus Pt145-great gun but no ambi safety
Mossberg 590A1-too one dimensional
Ruger 96/17 lever- selling it was the worst mistake Ive ever made sober
XD9 sub- Great gun , but I wanted something different
Taurus TCP 380- Good cheap gun, but I discovered I don't like guns that small

Of those, I really regret selling the Ruger. It was very accurate, very nice looking, and now very hard to find.
I dont regret selling the XD because I can always get another. But I miss it from time to time.
There are many things in life that are out of my control. Recoil isn't one of them.
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