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Did they actually envision the types of weapons we have today? I'd have to say that they did not as the things we have today are very much ahead of their time.

It's like if someone asked you what should be done about a (Star Trek Reference) Phaser 200 years from now.

Having said all of that I don't think they wanted citizens to be unarmed with whatever constitutes a current day weapon into perpetuity.

I will leave one caveat though, for sake of argument, the authors of the Constitution also made provisions that the document may be changed to meet current day, or future day, needs of society. I mean even in the "Old West" days, towns apparently had the power to dictate whether carrying a gun on ones person was legal or not based on town rules. Seems nobody had a problem with it back then so I would have to guess that this was somehow not Unconstitutional. I can't explain it, it's just a little 'aside' thought.

If you are asking me personally, I think they did intend for us to be armed with whatever constitutes current day firearms that may be available. Doesn't matter if they could envision todays firearms or not.
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