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busted by my new chrono

So I got a chronograph as a Christmas gift, ..... KC ProChrono Digital and was really pleased about it. Bamaboy and I set it up in the house Christmas Day and tried to Chrono his airsoft guns.....yuck good.

Today, I set the chrono up outdoors and brought the Rem 700/.270 out with my "pet" load, a 110 Sierra and 55.3 grs of IMR4350. The Sierra Manual listed it a 3200 +, I expected 3100+, and felt CERTAIN I would break 3000 easily, which was the object of the light bullet load. Did not feel I could get 3000 fps from the 22" tube with a 130 gr slug. So.......

Arrgh..........2850!!!!!!!!! Heart break, disapppointment....that's probably about what a .243/100 gets.

Obviously, I have some load development to do!!!!!
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