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I would advise 130 grain bullets, I'm guessing you don't reload? You can get good factory ammo in 130 and 150 grain, 130 seems to be the most preferred in the .270 win, if you reload you obviously would have more bullet weight options up to like a 160 grain, if you are just planning to target shoot for fun I would try some different brands in 130 grain and see what your rifle likes best, you might find that a 150 shoots better, you just have to try them out and see. Factory rifle ammo can get quite expensive especially if you buy premium ammo which would be more suited to big game hunting than target practice. If you try a certain brand (say remington for example) and they don't shoot well try other brands of the same bullet weight, just cause one brand don't shoot well in your rifle don't mean other brands of the same bullet weight won't. Good luck
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