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One of the issues I dealt with is the false illusion that you may have trained well in the past and have had the skills key word being "have" and not keep up on that training leaves you with a false sense of security and a even a false sense of "insecurity" knowing inside you are NOT prepared.
I been a CCW holder for 19 years and the first five I trained like crazy almost daily.
Then this or that came up maybe shoot once a month, change guns, etc next thing you know you ain't nowhere's as proficient..
I still carried daily and felt "semi safe" but that's not good enough, when you carry , you carry a huge responsibility.

I've had to "repent" to use a term in my biz, and go back to basics.
Luckily I still have friends in LE that help me with my bad habits!
If you are like me, it will start coming back.

Stay on top of it brothers!
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