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260 Remington question: how to get from here to there

I have a Winchester M70 in 30-06. I have a 7.62x39mm. I'm pretty darn happy with both. I'd like a medium caliber rifle to fill the gap for hunting. I"m thinking 260 Remington, although 25-06 seems to overlap a bit.
If I were going to acquire a rifle in 260 Rem, it seems to me that my choices are:
1. buy a rifle in 260 remington. pricey but built to spec.
2. buy a .243/.308 and change barrels. Pricey but generally spec'd the same.
3. Buy a large ring Mauser and change barrels.

Method 1 gets me there, cheapest probably. Methods 2/3 are a bit more effort and would finish with a bit more panache and a unique rifle.

If you had 600 or so dollars to spend which way would you go?

Just asking.
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