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That's sounds entirely rational and makes good sense. Seems like it'd be easy for THEM to simply say that.

I think it sucked out loud when Ruger gave up (easily!) on the .480 Ruger. From a business standpoint, it was a monetary decision I suppose. But for their customers who bought them when they DID make & advertise them, it hurt badly. They ceased production on their own gun chambering their round, and it let the round flounder and die.

It's a kick in the yamsack to the people who jumped on the round -- that THEY marketed in the first place.

Now I don't run any business, let alone a gargantuan and legendary gun maker, and I admit up-front that I don't know the minute details involved...but c'mon. They already make Redhawk revolvers. They obviously have the tooling to drill .475" holes in them and the stamps to scratch ".480 Ruger" on the side. Why kill off production? Even if folks aren't stepping on each other to order them, can't they simply offer them if/when people want them?

I'm drifting in to another topic, but the idea is the same. I'm going to be angry/annoyed if they kill off the .327 entirely. It won't affect me immediately, as I roll all my own, but it isn't going to help anyone who likes the round and has purchased a .327 chambered gun. Specifically, those who have bought Ruger guns in .327.
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