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I have used the plastic bag trick for years when I had to bring a cold gun (or camera or tools) into a warm building. It works. A cold gun brought into a warm building will have condensation form quickly and not just on the surface, the inside of the gun will "sweat" too and will stay wet longer than the outside of the gun. Get some large Ziplock freezer bags and keep a couple in your vehicle. I would still be worried about any lube that has reached really frigid temperatures on a defensive gun. I guess the only way to really know is to stick it in the deep freeze (unloaded) and see what happens as far as feeding, extracting, mag release, etc. with dummy rounds. I have never had a gun freeze to the point it was non functional but I have heard a lot of old hunters tell stories about it. I lived in northern Ill. for a few years years and one winter it got down to 28 below for a week. I had to bring the battery out of my truck into the kitchen at night or it would be dead or cracked open and reinstall it every morning. Lots of people were having batteries freeze and burst. I would not want to depend on a gun that had been exposed to that kind of cold.

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