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Selling to get better quality


I've been selling off my cheap guns to get guns of better quality.

If I kept everything I'd have guns that sat in the safe and wouldn't see the light of day for a long time.

So far I've sold off a hi-point 9mm, a super comanchee 45/410, a remington 1100 12 ga., a rem nylon 22 lr, a rem 1187 20 ga, an older traditions in-line muzzle loader, and a Rem model 7 chambered in 223.

My latest additions include a Savage in 223, a Henry Big Boy Golden in 45C, a Winchester 13 12g a with both a vent rib barrel and a slug barrel, and the most recent addition is a Beretta 92 FS.

It's fun stuff. I've been looking at the new Savage 42 as it looks like the perfect squirrel gun. May just have to buy that one out right without selling anything first.

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