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New Years Dreaming

Being at home relaxing bringing in the new year while cyber drooling on several things...

But I saw some pictures in this thread while looking for sharps rifles and I get a little jealous.
And another

I love the idea of taking really long torpedoes and loading them. Then having them either eject over my shoulder or causally pull them out of the chamber (cool in my book).

Now the long cartridges I found:
375 H&H

I looked and know about the 45-70 but it is more fat then long I think and does not have the same effect.

Now in terms of recoil I can do a 437gr slug at 1600fps (2 3/4 1oz slug) from a 7.5lb shotgun with ease but the 3 inch mags I find much out of the same shotgun. (18inch Remington 870)

And another thing is that I am left handed (by eye dominance)...
The Encore is interesting but not pretty and really really light weight.
The CZ 550 American Safari Magnum 375H&H that is 10lb (Safari in America seems a little funny)
Ruger #1 375 H&H 9.25lb
And a double is really light and very expensive.

Any other thoughts?
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