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I wouldn't use that WWB bulk crap in any .22 now. I was using it in a Beretta NEOS and it was scattering like a shotgun. After finally checking the barrel real close, I found terrible leading had occurred. After I cleaned it out and tried 4 other brands that all shot well I knew it wasn't the gun. Then I tried the WWB in an old target rifle (Rem. 513T) and it shoots pretty well with no leading. So now I use Federal bulk in the NEOS and will get rid of the WWB through the 513T. Perhaps the barrel surface in that rifle made many years ago is considerably smoother than the NEOS and doesn't scape off the lead shavings. I don't know, but I've bought my last box of it. It also occasionally failed to completely eject on the last round. In the rifle I had two case separations of the rim. Just all around bad stuff!
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