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On a separate note... how would I zero my bow for a treestand? Am I supposed to practice from a stand?
Yep you should. That stand you hunt from would serve the purpose.

Lots of brush having to deal with: Cut some shooting lanes early in the Fall. Only for the distance your comfortable with. (to accommodate your shooting ability & nothing more)

Tip: When I practiced and during the warm months. To and from my Archery Range. I'd look for those little yard utility flags used to mark utility entrance lines across someone's grass. I'd stop & ask the people who's yard they were in if I could have their permission to take them or ask politely to have them saved for me to pick up at a latter date. "Never once discouraged or incurred a problem from those I asked."

Took those little wire flags and placed them at different distances all around my stand and going down each shooting lane if I had enough. Never needed one of them expensive range finder gizmos. So long as I knew the range. I'd pick out the proper sight pin. (only had two) Release! >spot on!!
Practice practice and more practice.

Is it legal to grain in your state while hunting govmule84? Whole corn works. If not. Molasses drizzled on shrubs out in front of your stand some. Is a attractant deer will show some curiosity towards.

As far a stalking on the ground. Or as it was called years ago "Still Hunting." Hawg Haggen & shortwave know how its done. Look to their threads for that (old school knowledge) on how its done correctly._
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