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("Full" being the point where you have to get out yer jackknife and scrape off the end of the ball so's the cylinder will still rotate after you load em all. )

Yup... that's exactly what I meant when I wrote "full".

There is nothing like ramming a ball and then "Damn... I can't rotate the cylinder" to get your attention...

I know we are supposed to measure loads, but the way old Willie figgured it, the way these were loaded in haste was to just fill the cylinder to over-flowing, blow a bit off, press down the load with your finger, seat a ball, and ram her home. So, wantin' to be authentic and all... well... let's just say the Rangers could do this without blowin' themselves up, if Uberti is anything like the real McCoy.

45 grains seems the sweet spot, which brings us to the fact that a 3rd model Dragoon is likely a better shootin' iron than a Walker... but everyone needs a Walker or two anyhow. Bearin' in mind that they are a .45-60 pistol and all, and considerin' how well a .45-70 load works in a rifle...

Designed to shoot a man (or his horse) at a hundred yards... yup, that's for me.



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