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I own an SR22 and like it a lot. Function has been great and I have had no problems with misfeeds/misfires since a couple stove pipes in the first 50 rounds, it probably has 2000 now. It's accurate out to 50' and I used it in my league until I bought a Mark III Hunter (a great shooting gun).

My wife has a Sig-Sauer 1911-22 and she likes it. She has maybe 300 rounds through it and there have been no malfunctions of any kind. I have not shot it too much, but the little I have, I liked it. I like the fact that it is full size and think it will benefit her in the long run (she has just begun shooting). Although the same gun as the GSG, we felt that the possible resale value of the Sig brand would be beneficial, and then much to our surprise the store price matched the Sig to the GSG we had looked at at another store.

I'm no expert, but both guns seem to be well made.

My wife would have purchased the Ruger MK III, as that's the gun she had taken her class with, but we didn't see the point in having two identical guns in the house and she wanted a gun of her own.
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