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On a separate note... how would I zero my bow for a treestand? Am I supposed to practice from a stand?
I hunt mostly from an elevated position so that is where my bow is zero'ed from and where I practice from.

The yard here is on a hill and the deck wraps around to the sides of the house. The back of the deck is 18' off the ground so I set my targets out in ten yd. increments out to forty yds.

When I lived in town, I would shoot from the garage roof or set my ladder stand up in the tree in the backyard. My neighbor(and hunting partner) lived in a two story house and shot out of his bedroom window.

Caution: if you have house's close by make sure you have very secure backstops. Surface rocks or other hard objects will make arrows do some crazy things and your neighbor won't be to happy with an arrow stuck in his siding.

When I first built the climber I've got now, I would practice out of it as I wanted to get the feel of shooting from the platform. I've had it for about 15yrs now so I'm comfortable shooting from it. Too, would highly recommend a good safety harness to be worn religiously.

My neighbors son(now in his mid twenties) has been in a wheelchair since he was 15 due to a fall from a tree stand.

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