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Just put 450 rounds down the pipe today on the 22/45. Oh and in those 450 rounds I had not 1 malfunction! Cleaning was a b%*ch though

I'm not the best marksman but I thoroughly have enjoyed this pistol for 12 k rounds that I've put through it so far. Even used it for some hunting...

Cons: Not the best trigger( upgrading will greatly show you the extent of precision capabilities of this fixed barrel designed firearm)/ thin grips/ un-needed LCI, and mag release that renders gun unfireable/
take-down is a b%*ch the1st time

Pros: Proven for decades as a rugged long lasting piece/ Can be as precise as almost any of the top target pistols IMO/ Beaut of a bull barrel old school!/ [U!]You can Dry fire the pistol safely for the ability to practice trigger without a snap cap[/U]/ will function reliably with a large variety of ammo ( Bulk, Premium, Crap, HP, RN, Stingers, CP, etc/ picattiny sight rail included/ Unlimited upgrade capabilities....

No matter what pistol you get, there will be pros and cons.

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