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I wouldn't let the chance of a problem deter you from seeking out a DS. Just don't fall for the first one you see unless it checks out.

I was in my LGS, looking at a Glock (I know, the horror!), when I spotted a third generation Dick Special on the shelf. Turns out it had belonged to a former cop that had passed away and his widow was selling off the old gents guns.

This one was in 97%+ condition, with near perfect bluing and looking as though it had less than a box of ammo through it. The only flaw I could see was a ding in the left grip panel.

Needless to say, I left with a Colt instead of a Glock. This is a great shooting little gun and I am very happy with it. BTW, it locks up like a bank vault.

The condition in which I acquired it:

After a bit of work on the stocks:

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