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Thanks for all the recent posts.

Thought I should let you all know... I went to one of the sportsman's warehouse stores here in Colorado just to look around... they had a few of the Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD's in stock... I looked a couple of them over. I got to dry fire one of them (but not the other, I had two guys helping me at the counter) And I really liked the trigger... Sooooo, I decided to just go for it.

It's gona be a while before I can shoot it though. I need to get a rail and rings, as well as ammo, and figure out some stuff with the scope I have.

Not only that... but here in Colorado, the wait for background checks is up to 13,000 people long!!! They figgure it might take about 2 weeks for my background check to go through. Heck, I remember buying a firearm a while ago, and I was like 2nd in line at the time, and it took about 5 min for my background check to clear.... now there are 13,000 background checks ahead of in Colorado.

That Obama... He is quite the salesman... I hope he and his friends realize that there are no returns on firearms or ammunition

Thanks for all the posts folks!
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