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I actively work with Congressman Gossar's Office on Veterans affairs. Specifically, PTSD claims from Vets whom i work with. His staff has all ways responded in a timely fashion.

I generally send my correspondence to a specific member of his staff with whom I have developed a relationship. If you can develop such a relationship with your Rep's staff, your views and comments will be addressed with other than a form letter.

Unfortunately, Gossar will no longer be my rep thanks to redistricting. His replacement is a Democrat who was a favorite of the Minority Leader. We are already preparing a campaign reminding her that she lost her seat in the past because she failed to listen to her constituents.

The assault weapons bill will be a flash point for her. Hopefully, she will realize that if she supports the bill she will not retain her job.

My point is, you may get a nonsense form letter but her staff is counting the letters and will make a decision based on their ability to retain their seat if they go against the voters. Mobilize your friends and fellow shooters and start informing them of your opposition now rather than after it gets in the legislative process.
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