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Originally Posted by rickyrick
I'm not arguing with anyone, but the antis are going to try and get the guns, so I care what they think.

The tyranny argument makes everyone that uses it look like extremists militia nut-cases.

The antis are claiming that 2a is archaic and unnecessary, and y'all are providing evidence to support them.
Thats your opinion and you're entitled to it, only I'd leave out the invective in the future if I were you. It runs counter to TFL policy on decorum.

The Supreme Court has ruled what the 2nd Amendment is and is not. Those arguing that the second is archaic, unnecessary, etc are in a small minority. To show how wrong and extreme that opinion is, it runs counter to President Obama, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who all three believe the American people have a constitutional right to own firearms for defense. They are on record saying so.

If agreeing with the founding fathers, the Supreme Court and various politicians all known to be for increased restrictions, is being an extremist nut case, then I'm guilty as charged. If its not, then maybe I'm not the one who should rethink his opinions.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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