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The slide being hard to rack makes it sound like something unusual...

If you bought the gun from a local shop, take it back to the shop and let them look at it. If it's defective in some way, they can ship it back to Ruger for a fix.

If you bought it long-distance (i.e., through the internet), you can contact the seller. You also have the option of contacting Ruger directly (for help and information) or taking it to a local gunsmith.

Ruger's customer service is outstanding, but you may have to pay shipping -- and that's VERY expensive. Ruger may pay for shipping... Having your dealer do it, if that's an option, makes better sense.

(A range officer who keeps WD40 on hand is a scarey thought... as that stuff can turn to something like shellac over time. It's mineral oil with additives, and not a really good gun lubricant.)
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