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Component shortages come and go. Normally components are more available than factory ammo. One thing you can do as a re-loader is create ammo you prefer. Some people like soft shooting ammo that is accurate. Others prefer ammo more accurate than what you get for a certain price. Re-loaders can do that as well. One other advantage to reloading is you can purchase components as they are available or money is available. Once you have everything you need you are able to make what you need and not worry if the LGS might have what you want on the shelf that week. It might take some time to get a load you like worked up. It also might take a while to collect enough stock to keep you in reloading supplies to last through any of these shortages. Once done you won't have to worry about when these shortage come along.

I have probably enough components on hand to last until the craziness settles down. Since the price of everything seems to always go up, having extra things on hand to reload fixes my cost per round until I need to make additional orders.
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