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I also think that the laws we already have should be enforced (they aren't enforced at the moment) and if someone with a criminal record goes into a gun shop, tries to buy a gun and the background check shows that he's a fellon then not only should he not be able to purchase that gun but the Police should be arresting him for trying to acquire a gun. That law is already on the books, it's not being enforced. The last thing we need is more laws that hinder law abiding gun owners.
What? And undermine their power? If they actually prosecuted these felons, then they'd have to do some actual work..... and the problem would get smaller. Smaller Problem = Smaller Budget.

Far better to use the resources they have to make more potential criminals, rather than deal with the ones they have in a slam dunk case.......

Selective enforcement is a power all it's own ....... they can make people jump just by threatening to do something, without actually haveing to do anything at all ..... leaves more time for politically motivated activities like F&F ......
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