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Hard Times, Let's see a free item/pass it forward thread

My memory is fuzzy as it has been a long time since I've seen it. A few years ago there was a free gear/pass it forward thread. Some people gave away some really nice stuff. Some people just gave away stuff that was useable but they didn't need anymore. I'm going through some gear I have stowed away, and I've found a Promag for a Saiga 223 that I no longer need. THE BULLET GUIDE HAS BROKEN OFF. Basically, if you've installed a bullet guide on your rifle (or you shoot an AK74 clone in 223), this magazine is perfectly fine. If your rifle does not have a bullet guide, then don't PM me for this because you over-pressure your rifle from the bullet seating itself too deep.

I have other stuff (most of it better than a Saiga promag), I just have to dig it out. I plan on giving those items away, too. The first person to respond to this thread with interest gets it mailed to their door for free. After responding, I'll contact you via PM and get your address.

If anyone else has items that they would like to give away or no longer need, post it. That gizmo collecting dust in the back of your safe could go to some good use. The last thread like this went on for nearly a couple of months. We could use something nice to look forward to instead of constantly debating the not-so-likely AWB.
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