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-Price. These rifles can still be found for around $200.
I have yet to see one at that price, in my area the regular 91/30s are approaching $150+ and the carbines have been nearer to $300 lately, haven't seen the prices since the lastest hubbub started though. has them for $189 ($179 if you buy 2).

-Build quality. These rifles are overbuilt--in a good way. The actions are very smooth for a surplus guns and when you fire the rifle it just feels like a quality gun.
none of the mosin nagants I've shot have what I would call 'smooth actions' but then again they were all wartime production 91/30s if i recall correctly so maybe the carbines got a little better attention, both of the ones I bought have horrible tool marks but I have notices them smoothing out after a couple hundred rounds, maybe mine were just never fired that much during WWII.

Correct, the wartime 91/30s are much much rougher than most M44s.

-Good accuracy for a surplus gun. With 147gr Bulgy surplus I was getting around 4'' with irons at 100m. With "AK style" irons, that's not bad for me.
I wouldn't call 4" at 100 yards good accuracy for any gun. even enfields which are considered to be one of the less accurate designs of WWII were easily capable of 4 MOA. 4" is probably about average with those guns.

Perhaps. For a $189 gun with surplus ammo and iron sights I think 4MOA is pretty good but it just depends on the shooters' perspective. If I had a Remington 700 shooting like that I'd send it back to the factory...

-The safety is poorly designed. I can only imagine what it must have been like for a Russian soldier to come around a corner, see a German soldier, then realize his rifle was on safe... My guess is they probably left the safety off for that very reason.
I couldn't agree more, that is one thing that my brother in law noted when I was uncocking it to hand it over to him was that normally decocking a bolt action can still result in negligent discharges but that's all these things have so that's what I use.
-If you want to use optics, the bolt needs to be modified/replaced.
this is the case in many vintage military bolt actions. the modified bolts for mosins are cheaper than most however so it's not a horrible bad proposition with them.
-Weight. While they cut 8'' off the old 91/30 to create the M44 the rifle still weighs 8.7lbs.
I never realized that they were that heavy but man my mosins sure are not light. I was selling the stock for one that i had sporterized at my last gun show and after a couple hours of walking around with it I felt like I had been carrying a full rifle around all day.
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