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I don't think they mean anything by it - at least most of the time. Glock is just the standard. Pretty much everyone who's into guns (or at least into semi-auto hand guns) is at least passingly familiar with glocks. The only other gun that you can be fairly sure people will be familiar with are 1911's, but they're too much of their own thing to be as useful to compare. I'd take it as a compliment that whenever someone finds an auto they really like they basically all describe it as "even better than a glock".

To the OP:
I had pretty much the same experience with the XDs. I very much like it, and it's become my primary carry.
I keep hearing really good things about the sr9c. I'm going to have to check one out sometime here soon. The p95 sort of soured me on Ruger center-fire autos - it felt sort of like shooting a potato to me - but with all the good things I keep hearing about their new line it's looking like it's time to give them another try.
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