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How much money did it cost Canada to get rifles registered? How much will it cost to register and fingerprint every American who owns a firearm that Feinstein wants to label as an "assault weapon"? How will they enforce it? There are less than 200K registered machine guns under the 1934 NFA, IIRC. But there are estimated to be more than 6 or 7 million "assault weapons" in the USA. And if they expand the criteria which would classify firearms as "assault weapons", how many firearms are we talking about then? This bill, depending upon how it's written, will have some major hurdles to get over before becoming law. It will have some major funding issues as well. In the meantime, contact your lawmakers, more than once. Ask them why the actions of madmen and criminals should dictate which rights we law abiding Americans should be forced to surrender to the government.
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