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It's one of those 'am i ever glad i bought that gun!' moments. I really like the 3rd gen smiths and like lunger said, they ain't makin' them no more. Get one while the getting is good.
Good deal! Let us know how it shoots.

New Owner Field-Stripping Tips:
  • It's much easier to remove and reinsert the takedown pin (slide stop) if you cock the hammer beforehand. The decocker/safety levers must be in the FIRE position to do this.
  • The easiest technique for holding the slide back during this procedure is to point the muzzle about 45 degrees to your left, insert your left thumb through the trigger guard, then wrap your left palm and fingers over the slide while drawing it back with your right hand. The takedown pin can then be pushed out with your right thumb. (IIRC the more recent S&W manuals illustrate the correct hand position.)
  • Some of the recoil springs are tapered. Pay attention to which way it's pointed as you remove the guide rod.
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