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I had nothing better to do so I wandered around to six WalMart Superstores in South Denver Metro on Saturday night late. Just to see what was around...

None had 22LR in anything but shot. None had any 9mm. One had WWB .45 ACP (4 boxes of 100 rounds) for $29. (Yeah I bought two just 'cause. Ha.) Another guy was standing there and needed 45 ACP. I asked what he needed since I'm ok and was just adding to the storage for range shooting, and he only needed a box so we both got what we wanted and 1 box left at 10PM.

On Sunday was early for a dinner appt and near one of the six stores again. Was curious, so looked again while grabbing an iced tea from McD's inside... Ten boxes of PPU 9mm. I haven't run that stuff from Serbia but I was there and it was and two boxes of it jumped in my cart. Silly stuff. It apparently needed a home.

Today, Sportsman's Warehouse had restocked WWB in everything but 9mm. So they're starting to restock some.

Gander Mtn had Blazer Brass 9mm in 350 round bulk pack for $99. 45 ACP 200 rounds for $99. And piles of .40 of all varieties. Some WWB in everything but light 9MM. Had some WWB 9mm NATO however at $39. Wow. (Thought that was interesting.)

So the big box stores are restocking but riding the wave on price for ammo. Wheee!

Didn't bother looking at Dick's after hearing they're living up to their name and cancelled AR orders, and pulled them permanently. Won't be going in there ever again. Bye Dicks. (Note I left off the apostrophe. Heh.)

None had rifles worth messing with. SW and Gander had restocked some semi-auto handguns. Counters were jammed at both with people so I didn't look hard. Quite a zoo.

Online Saturday night I found WWB for plinking at one LGS out of state that was still at pre-insanity pricing for the 500 round boxes of 45 ACP 230g and 9mm 115g, and even with outrageous FedEx Ground shipping they were still reasonable -- so I bought me and wifey some plinking ammo for the range, since we both have a class we signed up for a while back, coming up soon. Was surprised it wasn't a ruse and got tracking numbers for FedEx this morning first thing. Cool.

Both of us still waiting on Colorado "Insta"Check on our new toys. My paperwork was in last Wednesday night, hers Thursday night. With the holiday I'm guessing Thursday on mine. We'll see.
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