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A few days ago I placed an order with Powder Valley. They were totally out of small pistol primers, but I did order 4,000 Winchester large pistol primers. They did not have Winchester 231 in 8 lbs., but I was able to order two 4 lb. cannisters.

Today, they are still out of small pistol primers. They now have the 8 lb. Winchester 231 powder but are out of the 4 lb. containers. (Go figure)

Powder Valley is around $26.00 for a thousand primers (varies by mfg, I ordered Winchester); whereas local stores charge from $40 - $50.00 per thousand.

It appear small pistol primers are going to be an issue. I am down to only 2 thousand left on my bench.

I normally look for once fired brass, but it seems the price is going up on some of the more popular calibers. Bullets seem to be available from both Precision and Berry's.

Back a few years ago in the last demand surge, primers (wait time was about 4 to 6 months if they would accept an order) were the issue. The other components were available.

I would stock up if you can at a reasonable price.
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