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US Navy puts all recruits through a dry fire battery before ever giving them a live round. there are several techniques which naval small arms instructors are encouraged to use on recruits needing extra instruction including
1.the coin test: balance a coin on the muzzle end of the gun and order dry fire. the idea is to get good enough that the coin does not flip off when the trigger is pulled.
2. pencil test, order a recruit to put a pencil(sharp end out) down the barrel up the gun and stand inches away from a scaled down paper target and order to fire. the idea being that the firing pin will launch the pencil with just enough force to punch through the paper and show the recruit just how far off he is making it by flexing his firing hand.

3. just plain old dry firing.

all are part of the Navy Small Arms Instructors Toolset. a course I took while bored on duty days.
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